Twitter as a Marketing & Networking Tool for Businesses

Twitter Marketing

Twitter as a Marketing & Networking Tool for Businesses

Twitter is a leading social networking tool that connects you with others. Twitter allows you to connect with anyone and from anywhere. It enables your business marketing different from other networks. Here’s why Twitter is great for your Businesses.

Businesses need new customers to grow, they need to connect with different people on an everyday basis. Twitter is one of the most interactive platforms that help you reach out to anyone and create opportunity. Unlike Facebook and other social media networks, you don’t need the approval of your connection request. You can just search and find the account that you are looking for and then you can reach out to them right away.

If Businesses need to grow, they need to create their footprint on the web and their communities. To attain this, you need to get connected with the new connections every day. Do not ignore a single connection because you would never know that where this connection leads to. If your business couldn’t improve its connections, it is worse than moving back where it has started.

Businesses need to do on Twitter?

  • Add new connections on an everyday basis.
  • Find connections using Twitter advanced search options.
  • Use the Google search console to find the key players in your industry.
  • Make great connections and start reaching your targeted audiences in a more interactive way.

Twitter Marketing Tips:

  • Choose the right twitter handle, profile photo and header image.
  • Choose the easy to remember the name and maintain consistency on all other social media profiles too.
  • Keep your Twitter handle length short and sweet.
  • Use the Business logo as the profile photo for the Businesses. Choose an image that can be seen by the people even when compressed.
  • Promote your brand awareness using the Twitter header.
  • Optimize the Bio and showcase your brand.
  • Tweet only during the peak hours. Identify the peak hours for your Business audiences and post during that time. Through this, you can gain more impressions and clicks.
  • Tweet during the weekends because the tweets posted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday has gained more Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Use the right HashTag instead of overusing them.
  • Find potential customers using advanced searches. Instead of posting and reaching to the current customers, it’s necessary to connect with the new connections by searching using the industry-specific terms.
  • Improve your Tweets & ReTweets by adding the images to your posts.
  • Get engaged with your connections using Twitter videos.
  • Interact with the followers by conducting polls.
  • Use creative CTA’s.
  • Reach out to your business influencers to get more exposure and brand awareness.
  • Twitter ads are expensive, but they will boost post engagement.

Twitter Marketing is one of the best social networking sites to create brand awareness, improve followers, and generate new leads. The lifespan of a tweet is very much shorter than a Facebook post because thousands of Tweets are generated every second. Connect and reach maximum audiences for your Business using Twitter, the most interactive way to promote your business.

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