Great Steps To Increase Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Great Steps To Increase Your Domain Authority

Google has many factors to determine your website ranking in the search engine, one of them is the domain authority of your website.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority? How does MOZ calculate both DA and PA?

Domain Authority developed by Moz. As per the Moz, the higher the DA[Domain Authority] is, the more likely you have to earn a higher SERP and to receive more web traffic. It also indicates your SEO efforts as well as the strength of your website[entire domain and subdomain] to competition’s websites. Page authority is a similar metric, it measures the ranking strength of each web page.

Domain and Page Authority both are scored 1 to 100. For example, 1 is the worst and 100 is the best. This is calculated through an algorithm designed by Moz. 

Moz calculates both DA and PA based on 40 different factors. Some of them are Quality content, Domain name, Linking root domains, Social Signals, Search Engine friendliness, MozRank, MozTrust 

Quality Content:

The content of the website must be unique and also quality should be maintained. This leads you to rank a good search engine as well as helps you to get a good Moz rank.

Linking root domains:

How many links you earned i.e, backlinks to your root domain. For example, if your website has 100 backlinks from 2 domains it means you have only 2 backlinks. Such links are lead you to lose domain ranking.  Earning a few links from different domains/websites boost your ranking more than earning many links from the same website. 

Social Signals:

Social Signals such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, Search Engine uses social signals as one of the factors in identifying your website’s content quality. If your content is shared, liked and commented on hundreds of times then it recognizes quality content. The same factors are used by Moz to determine your website’s authority.

Search Engine friendliness:

Search Engine friendliness determined by SEO[Search Engine Optimization] – Site structure user-friendliness affects your website usability by end-user. So making your website more user-friendly and makes it easy to search engine crawl and index your website. These changes lead your website to gain good Moz authority.


This is determined by your website’s external links. Quality and quantity of backlinks to your website from good domains may lead you to gain search rankings as well as good Moz Rank. 

Eg# Gaining 10 links out of 10 domains are better than 100 links from 10 domains. 

MozTrust : 

MozRank and MozTrust both are the same but, MozTrust is a little different. MozTrust determined from your external links specifically how many links you gained from trusted sites such as .edu or .gov sites. Gaining links vice versa helps you in gaining the trust of the search engines as well as MozTrust.

Here are a few steps to increase your domain authority:

Domain & On-Page Optimized Content:

Choose a good domain relevant to your business/blog and domain should be the age of 3 years minimum to get a good rank.

For example, you can have a look at our website Impact Linq. We mainly focus on digital marketing and link building, social media marketing, and SEO. Do buy a domain that includes your keyword/ good domain with minimum characters and meaning.

Optimize Your On-Page Content:

Optimization of your website’s content is a must. Google search engine ranking, as well as your domain authority, depends on your website’s on-page code, title tags, images, uniqueness, and quality of content. 

So create readable content and decorate them with bold, italics, and underlined to improve readability and use good keywords and choose good topics if you are creating a blog.

Quality backlinks:

Creating quality content helps you to gain good exposure. Based on your content users show interest in sharing your blog post around all channels, and you may get backlinks from authority sites. Your website content must have relevance to your brand, to your audience, informative, creative, and well written. This helps your website earns high-quality links from multiple domains.

Improve Your Internal Linking Structure:

Internal Linking helps your readers to check more pages of your websites and prevents your readers leaving out to your website. Internal linking keeps the users engaged with your website at the same time, additionally, internal links make it easier for search engine to index your entire site. Yoast SEO plugin premium version helps you to build internal linking of your website.

Make your website More User-Friendly:

Check your website’s design, structure, etc.. Make your website more user friendly and mobile friendly. Google now introduced Mobile first index option. So, making your website more mobile friendly helps you in indexing your website faster. 

You need to check your websites page load speed. Users do not have patience to view poor loading speed webpage. A website with good page loading speed attracts more users and they may stay/come back to your site regularly. Page speed can be checked through Google Pagespeed Insights. 

Use Google’s Webmaster Tools to identify your website’s visibility and improve it with the above tips.

Promote your content through social media:

Create engaging content daily/weekly and publish it on the website as well as share all links on social channels.Post links to your content on your various social media pages and be sure to encourage followers to like, share or comment on it. You should also include social share buttons directly on your web pages.People shares your content on social media that indicates that readers like your website content.

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