Comparison between Free and Premium Word Press Themes

Comparison between Free and Premium Word Press Themes

Getting the right WordPress theme at the right time is a good thing & mainly when you have so many options to choose from free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes.

Beginners are always confused while selecting themes and have a question about whether they should spend money on any premium theme if chosen by them.

Do we think or talk about WordPress themes? Any new blogger who is about to start with WordPress Blogs could be the first thing to be looked upon. Since we have so many free WordPress themes, most new bloggers use it for free at the beginning. And no one would really want to spend on something until they don’t see the value of it. Hence very few go for premium WordPress theme.

As per my knowledge, free themes are really good because they cost nothing and also projects are updated & we get compatibility of the latest WordPress version by very few Theme developers. When I was new to WordPress, like everyone even I had thought that “why to spend money when you have something freely available in the market?”

However, I got to know the lacking points with a free WordPress theme compared to the Premium WordPress theme.

Premium WordPress theme: Though you need to spend money to avail Premium WordPress theme you would get the benefits of not losing any updates and backend support, you can customize the theme, and save time, etc.

Free theme: It’s not that free themes are not good but most of the problems are with updates, bloggers do not get updated, and can’t customize the theme when required and secondly, they offer the base version in the beginning however they sell the pro version later on.

Updates, Support, and Features:

WP is getting upgrading technology and we get to see a major change every after few months in WP. Blogger’s themes and plugins should be capable enough to get the latest WP version.

Free theme: It is not Theme developer’s priority since it is a free theme and needs to wait for an update until they do it as per their convenience. You cannot ask or expect any free support whenever you required it. 

Premium WordPress theme: If you are using the Premium WP theme, it’s their job and responsibilities of whatsoever company to release an updated & latest version with compatibility. Secondly, you would avail of free support as it comes with membership.

Premium themes are the ones who give latest WP version with features and web integration whenever needed whereas free theme doesn’t help with this, it has limited number of features and if you want any particular feature to be seen it is difficult to get it, it’s completely theme developer choose whether to assist you or no.

Moreover, free themes include footer encrypted links leads to their selling page. However, you can remove the footer encrypted links by adding more features to your website. These links will be considered spam in terms of Google policy. Final conclusion: Better to save time, efforts and get required benefits through premium themes.

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